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A sweet newborn gift idea

A sweet personalised newborn gift idea - Umbrella Amarela

When a newborn arrives it's a celebration of a new life. It's an emotional and beautiful moment and offering a thoughtful gift is a very sweet gesture. There are tons of baby shops out there with millions of items but, what about a personalised and handmade gift? When you buy something handmade there is extra love added to the item and you are supporting a dream so, why not? :)

The names in tricotin always put a smile on people's face. I make them with thick wire to be sure it won't be easily ruined and cover them with knitted colorful yarn. Check my website for more information and feel free to contact me if you have questions. 

Besides being a piece of decoration for the nursery room, the knitted names also look great in photoshoots.  

Here are some images of products I made. I hope you love them all.

Have a lovely day, 


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