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About us

Welcome to Umbrella Amarela, an online shop inspired by childhood simplicity. Our goal is to infuse the beauty of nature into play and decor, through premium and sustainable products.
Since our sweet little daughter was born we were immersed in this fascinating new world and sharing this amazing universe became our true passion. 
After living on different continents around the globe, from South America to Oceania, we made Amsterdam our new home. A mix of these cultures inspire us to develop products with a stylish and innovative design. Our products are designed by us and they are crafted with utmost love and care.
You can find us on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook and we love seeing our products in your home - so don't forget to tag us on your photos! 
If you have a special request or just want to say hello please get in touch.  
We hope you will enjoy being here.
Have a lovely day,
Gisele Gentil


Gisele Gentil - Umbrella Amarela business owner